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One of the first calls that you will get from your long-distance mover is simply an introductory call. The movers just want you to know your situation as well as what you can expect. Most of the companies will want you to be as comfy as possible with the upcoming move and will be very courteous.

The movers you have hired will be in direct contact with your moving company. They will keep you informed about what appointments should be made. For instance, you will expect the need to make an appointment for someone or visiting your apartment or home for surveying it. Your friend, your spouse or you have to be there on the appointment day.

When you have your apartment or home surveyed, the surveyor is simply looking for what kind of truck space your possessions will require. They simply require a chance for viewing the contents of your home so that they can be certain to properly pack it. Most probably they will need to look in pantries and closets, as well as under basements and beds. The surveyor simply needs to know how much square footage is needed by your belongings for shipment.

The long-distance mover might be the same company that provides you the people who will pack your possessions. Depending on your relocation package that you have been assigned, you might get someone at your home on a moving day for packing your possessions. It is also possible that you will do the packing by yourself and the movers will simply load your possessions. Check with your relocation coordinator to see where you must stand if you already don’t know.

If your cross country or interstate mover is doing all the packing as well as loading, you simply have to be there on your moving day. A team of professional packers and movers will arrive at your home and pack everything properly. Make certain to mark those things clearly that you do not want to be packed.

There are a lot of benefits of hiring cross country movers state college for your next move. If you have been assigned a moving company by your relocation manager, then you can relax as you are already on your way to having a smooth move. Expect an overall stress-free experience and a great service leading up to your relocation.


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