If you’ve made a decision that renting a truck, burdening your friends with a chore they actually don’t want to do, and engaging in a day full of strenuous labor isn’t for you, you’ll need to hire cross country movers Tarpon Springs, fl for the big day. While there is no lack of companies willing to come out and help you with the job, you can do a lot better than just picking somebody at random out of the phone book. A little research beforehand can save you from be apologetic later on. Here are some ordinary mistakes people make when they hire a company. Avoid these, and you should be good to go.

Not Shopping Around

Whenever you are hiring movers or any companies in the service industry, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you look for bargain basement prices. At the same time, however, there’s nothing wrong with doing some price shopping. It can give you a good idea of what the average cost is for the service in your area, and you’ll be able to quickly recognize if a company is way out of whack with the prices they are charging. When getting quotes, however, it’s imperative to ensure every company gets the same story. If you tell one company that you have a double-story house and fail to mention it to another, you could be getting undependable information.

No Personal Visit

Once you’ve selected a company, you should have them come out to your house before writing you an approximation. There may be a number of factors you haven’t considered that will have an effect on the ultimate cost. If you’re moving from one state to the other, the law states that the company must charge you by the dollar. If, however, you’re moving from one town to another, but staying in the same state, the rules are often much more comfortable when it comes to how the cross country movers Dunedin, FL can charge you. If they come out to your residence and inspect the situation beforehand, there will be less chance for them to add surprising fees later on.

Our knowledgeable full time long distance moving crews will treat your possessions as it was their own, taking all safety measures required to ensure damage-free move. All your furniture will be secured with padded blankets and shrink cover before ever leaving your home. For ease you may leave clothing and linens in all of your drawers to have one less thing to bother about.