Whether you are moving to a new home or to a new office, moving companies are greatly accommodating in supporting your move. Everyone is concerned about their essential belongings to reach on time without a scratch or loss during a move, whether it’s a long distance or a local move. It is easier said than done to haul a move without some help from professionals.

With so many things to bring together before a relocation, the first thing you should finalize before choosing a mover is whether you need professionals that specialize in local, interstate or cross country moves. Local moves can be considered anywhere within a Staunton, while a cross country move will typically be to an entirely new state or in some cases another country.

Cross country movers offer the following types of services for their customers:

  1. Packing and unpacking:

The company will offer packaging services according to your needs to ensure that your belongings are safely sited in their moving vehicles. They will also help you to safely take out all your stuff once they have finally arrived at your new location.

  1. Temporary storage:

This facility is for those people who have not found any apartment or have some extra load with them. Long distance movers provide storage facilities for customers who want their items securely stored for a while before their new residence is available.

  1. Hauling Vehicles:

The company also offers transit services for automotives as part of the relocation if the client has multiple vehicles.

  1. Insurance as Protection of your belongings:

Your precious belongings are kept safe and for their protection, the company offers insurance for the full value of your items during the transportation. This ensures that you will be receiving all your possessions in the best condition at the new location as it is. And if something happens unexpectedly, you will be monetarily remunerated for the losses.

  1. Interstate transport licensing:

Cross country mover is fully recognized and licensed by the US DOT (department of transportation) they are eligible to ship your belongings across state lines following state and local regulations.