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San Juan is a city in Hidalgo County in Texas. As of the 2019 census the population was 36, 744. The city is known for the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle, one of the largest churches in South Texas. With over 36,000 residents, it is one of the ideal places for people of different races.

But moving to a new city is not a joke. You should be ready to do some heavy lifting. If you’re very busy or need a company for handling the moving process, then Cross Country Movers San Juan would be the right fit.

Cross Country Movers is the best local moving company in San Juan TX. Our services include packing, moving, storage, and much more for commercial and moves. We’re an expert local San Juan Movers and are created for moving more than just boxes. We’ll move you with our genuine and hard-working smiles.


Cross Country Movers San Juan is a leading San Juan TX moving company that takes the stress out of moving. From packing everything to moving and then unpacking your valuables professionals can make the whole process of moving from one place to another very smooth.

Don’t Call Your Friends, Call Moving Companies

When it comes to moving it is always better to hire movers as they are experts rather than calling friends or relatives who are already busy. So, let them enjoy and simply call us for helping you. We promise that your valuables will move from your initial destination to your final destination without any hassle.

Cross Country Movers San Juan is there to move you and not only your boxes. They have the best and reliable moving experts. They feature honest rates and trained moving professionals. They always keep their trucks—and, heck, even their uniforms—perfectly cleaned because they think that their customers only deserve the best.

Don’t worry. We’ll Do the Packing

Cross Country Movers San Juan offers the best packing services. We know that packing can be boring, tiresome job but a professional packer will protect your possessions as well as will make the process of unpacking smooth too. We will help you in packing your possessions carefully. This means you can spend more time with your kids and can do other important works before leaving the old home.

Moreover, if you want to do the packing by yourself then we understand that too. We’re more than happy to provide you with all the packing supplies that you will require such as bubble wrap, tape, and boxes. Moreover, we also provide unpacking services so you can get back to living your life after the move as fast as possible.