Moving from one nation to another is unquestionably a burdensome task which needs cautious planning. Without doubt the services of an expert cross country mover would help deal with all the official needs as well as simplify the necessary documentation. Again, it is best to be individually prepared with the knowledge of processes and obligatory documents necessary for moving out of the country. The official procedure begins at the time of arrival of your cross country movers. Once the moving company representatives arrive, they will get ready an item list also known as a shipment list’. This will be signed by the customer as well as the cross country movers Phoenixville, PA.


Then comes the ‘order for service’, a document that is necessary to be signed at the time of loading. This document contains all the charges for services performed, additionally to terms and conditions under which your goods are moved. On the order for service, you will select the level of carrier legal responsibility for your goods per item/package. While this carrier legal responsibility may help you get back some money in occasion of an accident it is not a replacement for travel insurance. You would still need to get a separate baggage insurance. When moving baggage out of the country, the moving company needs identification proofs; a copy of your valid passport with your autograph is obligatory.


When unloading the baggage at the receiving end, additional documents are required. A valid Visa and work permit are necessary and these will be checked by the custom officials. Since custom regulations vary by country, your baggage may be subject to some specific custom rules. It is therefore necessary to check with your embassy or the embassy of the country where you are relocating to know the exact specifics with regard to any specific papers for the items being transported. While most countries do not charge duty on household goods, some do on items which are less than one year old. Be sure to carry receipts of any such items or of those that may be older but seem new. If you hold antique furniture, be sure to keep an antique certificate handy to prove the ownership. Typically antiques over 100 years old, attract no duty.

Cross Country Movers Phoenixville, PA can assist you with moving worldwide. Our specialised well skilled team of cross country movers and drivers will guide you all the way through the whole procedure. We provide an online complicated tracking of your consignment for you to know concerning the status of your possessions at any given time. Cross Country Movers Phoenixville, PA provides different relocation alternatives, and you can choose all or a few of our services to ensure all your needs are addressed and all your questions are answered.