There are thousands of companies in the United States that offer cross country moving services but only one will be the right company for you. It will be the company that presents itself well, provides a fair and accurate estimation, and proves to be dependable and knowledgeable when put to the test. A lot goes into hiring the right cross country movers Paradise Valley, AZ, but here are three tips to help you prefer the ideal ones.


Three Tips for Hiring Cross Country Movers


Give yourself ample time for planning and preparations. That means you should begin the procedure about 8 weeks before your moving date. Start researching moving companies and getting approximations, start looking at what you want to keep and get rid of, and start gathering supplies. The objective is to have enough time to get estimates from as numerous moving companies as possible. Be careful of super-low quotes, as the general rule of thumb with the moving industry is, if it sounds too good to be true that’s because it is.


Exhaustive research will make sure that you hire great cross country movers. Internet search engines can get your research started, but it’s very important to go beyond that with phone calls and in-person follow-ups. You want to gauge over the phone professionalism, and then see for yourself whether the company is as great as they say they are. No one wants to end up with a rogue moving company, so make sure you don’t skimp on the research.


Rates and Fees for Cross Country Movers


The price for your move will be determined by weight or by cubic feet, depending on the company, as well as, distance traveled. Be sure to notify your moving company about any potential stairs or elevators they will have to use so that they can put that information into your approximation. Also, if the mover has to carry any items further than 80 feet when moving between the unload/load destination and the truck, you will be assessed a long carry fee. Try to arrange a parking spot for the truck as close as possible, or at least inform the moving company that there is the potential for a long carry. If you have special items that need additional packing materials or crating, this will lead to extra fees, so be sure to make your moving company aware of such items. As long as you are clear about every item being moved, as well as, any impediments that the movers will meet, you will get a surprise-free, accurate approximation for the total cost of the move.


You’ve Hired Cross Country Movers


Once you’ve completed the research and found a company that your gut instincts feel is right, then sit back and enjoy a cold one. Cross country movers will deal with the work for you so that you can focus your attention on all of the other details involved with long-distance moving. As you prepare for the move, don’t bother. Allow yourself a little time, and put in a little attempt, and you will find the ideal cross country movers, at the ideal rate.