When it comes to moving long distance, a lot goes into the planning and packing procedure. Unlike moving nearby where you will have your items at your disposal and most probably unpacked the same day you move, moving long distance needs you to pack deliberately and plan for a few days or even weeks in between the first move to have your life back in order. Even if you are using a specialized moving company, many companies permit consumers to pack up their belongings or need them to pack them prior to really moving them. To make sure that your items make it to their destination without a chip or scratch, think about the following:




It pays off to have the right packing materials on hand when you are packing up your residence. Purchase strong moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and even packaging peanuts. Cross Country Movers North Chicago, IL will have these types of materials for packing in their showroom or you can buy them from a local supplier.


Packing Essentials

The majority of us are not professional movers. Therefore you will want to think about the following when you begin the packing process:


  • Pack a room at a time.
  • Mark each box with descriptions of the room and items that it contains.
  • Be definite with your box labels so that unpacking goes easily.
  • Never overfill your boxes to make sure that they do not break or cave with the weight.
  • Do not apply tape directly to wooden surfaces or other painted surfaces.
  • Extra easily broken items should be double wrapped and possibly double boxed.


The First Day/Night after the Move


The day after the move is a significant day. If your items will not reach your destination for a few days or even on the same day, you will need a few indispensables that most probable you will not want to hunt for. Be sure to pack a bag that will travel with you directly that contains essential toiletries, change of clothes and other items that you need on an every day basis such as medications. Our cross country movers North Chicago have several locations around the country and in each we offer the best long-distance moving costs within the region.  No matter which part of the country your next move takes you, our cross country movers can make it occur at a price that fits your financial willingness and with cross country moving services that meet your requirements.