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Long distance moving can be a very stressful event. But you can forego the stress by getting organized and planning in a nice way so that your family can be shifted smoothly. The movers provide you with the services of the long distance movers in order to make your relocation not only cost effective but thoroughly pleasing and effectual.

The legitimate cross country movers conduct operation with the professionals in this industry that are committed to unparalleled services. Once you are ready for moving, you can ask the representatives of the cross country movers, about the rates. But how will you find legitimate cross country movers?  In case you are interested in certain two men and a truck, then just see whether they have an MC number or not. Any mover who is advertising his services should have an MC number displayed on the website. You can cross check the number with the Department of Transportation.

The long distance movers have to publish their rates and it is legally mandatory. This document is also known as ‘tariff’. Some people confuse whether the movers can provide with the estimates. However, the movers are not required to provide you with the estimates. Even you get an estimate, get it in writing as the verbal estimates are of no use. The written estimate should state its binding or nonbinding nature.

What is a nonbinding estimate that is provided by your two men and a truck? A nonbinding estimate means that you have got an approximate cost of moving. Also this estimate should clearly state the fact that it is nonbinding. The ultimate weight depends on the actual weight of your possessions on which the concluding rate is based. There are other charges included in the final document.

What is a binding estimate provided by your two men and a truck? If you get a binding estimate in writing, then you will be charged the price that is mentioned in the estimate. However, you must remember that even if the total weight of your possessions is lower than the estimate, you still have to pay the price that has been agreed upon. Cross Country Movers Newberg makes binding estimates that cover the goods and the services which are mentioned in the estimate. In case you require an extra service or the weight is added, you might have to pay extra amount on top of the set cost.

Once you are ready to load, your two men and a truck will require providing you with the following information:

  • Estimate copy
  • Brochure copy that mentions your rights and responsibilities while moving
  • Information on neutral dispute settlement
  • Phone number of the cross country movers for enquiries or complaints


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