The price to move is never economical or without its unpredicted increases. Moving cross-county is really expensive and more troublesome than relocating intrastate. The key to being the most prepared for the costs associated with a cross-country move is to obtain the most accurate estimate possible from moving companies.

Only Accept In-Person Estimates

Cross country movers base their charges on the weight of your goods. This is different than intrastate moving companies which typically charges on the anticipated amount of time and the distance of the move. Cross Country Movers Kansas City charge according to the weight of your items, hence it is very important that the company personally view and measure your things to offer the most accurate quote.  Just by bearing in mind the amount of personal belonging and the size of the furniture, cross country movers in Kansas City will be capable to correctly predict the weight of your relocating.

Beware of moving companies that provide online or phone estimates and are reluctant or refuse to make a visit to your home. It is not uncommon for these companies to scam customers by charging more at the destination and refusing to unload your belongings until they receive this additional payment.

Get It in Writing

Any reputable moving company will provide their estimate in writing. Some will provide it immediately following their review of your belongings, but others may take a few days for their calculations. A moving company is prevented from charging you anything above the written calculation. Of course, should you make changes to the amount of goods and the services to be provided the estimate will change, but any new estimate should be also be in writing.

Do Not Hesitate to Overestimate

A moving cannot charge more than the amount of their estimate and is legally required to refund any overcharges. It therefore benefits you to include everything you are even slightly considering moving with you because you will not have to pay for the weight of that good should you choose not to move it. Do not, however, be excessive in your inclusions as they will increase the estimate until it is no longer reliable.

To receive the most accurate cross-country moving estimate, be specific and receive an in-person review of your residence. Remember that while the representative and company are professionals you are in charge of your own move, and so do not hesitate to ask questions and ask for discounts.