A cross-country move is not a minute job. You’ll have to make a decision how you plan to move your material (hire a company, DIY, etc.) If you want to go with a company, you have to go to the attempt of finding one. If you’re going to do it yourself, you’ll need to hire a truck and drive it. You have to systematize and pack all your material and clean.


Once you get to the new place you’ll have to do the whole thing in reverse order. Unpack, reorganize and put your stuff away.


It’s exhausting and will always take longer than you think.


Begin planning and packing well in advance. Pack up seasonal items and other things you won’t require in the weeks prior to your move. If you’re bothered about needing something, just mark your boxes so you can easily find things. Better yet, create a master record list for extra organization points.


Going through your things early will also give you time to get ready for our next tip.



Moving cross country is not economical. Even if you do most of the work yourself, you’ll still require rent a truck or shipping container to move your stuff.


The larger the truck or container, the more exclusive it will be.


Cut down on the amount of stuff by donating or selling items you no longer require. Pay particular attention to big, heavy items like furniture. Do you really require hauling that foosball table that you never use all the way across the country with you?


Starting the procedure as soon as possible will give you time to make a decision what to get rid of and how to do it. It also may take time to find buyers for some items if you want to sell them.


Cautiously Pack Your Items

Moving across the country is dissimilar from moving across city. You may be able to get away with messily packing boxes when you’re only moving a few at a time in your vehicle. But those packing methods won’t cut it for long distances.


If you want your items to appear in the same condition, cautiously pack your boxes. Make sure that fragile items have sufficient protection. Confirm that heavy items are stacked near the bottom in the moving truck and light items go on top.