There are sites like Better Business Bureau, which will offer reviews of companies on request. Then there are conversation forums particularly devoted to moving and moving issues. In these forums, customers share their experience with dissimilar moving companies and also suggest what else was essential to make the long-distance moving services of a company fully satisfactory.


Testimonials provided by users at the website of a long-distance moving company will also be supportive in assessing them. If there are plenty of constructive testimonials by users, it is unquestionably a positive sign that the company provides good services. However, these opinions will have to be confirmed by getting the address of the individual who has given the testimonial and checking the facts directly with him.


Even where the site does not contain any customer response, you can ask the long-distance moving company in Evansville to provide the contact details of those who have availed of their services so that you can make inquiries directly with them. It will be all the more supportive if such contacts can be provided in your own state and city.


One more aspect to think about while assessing long distance moving companies is the insurance coverage they provide. Insurance laws vary from state to state and the insurance laws that cover the goods at the destination point may be different from those that cover it at the point of origin. Good moving companies in Evansville should be able to offer all details of insurance coverage at different points and arrange things in a way that the customer will be sufficiently compensated if his goods get broken en route to the new destination.


The insurance rule of providing coverage by weight instead of value can often be harmful to customer interest. Cross Country moving companies in Evansville should be able to advise on how to split the packing in order to minimize the negativity of such rules. You can check with the moving company on whether photographing or videotaping the condition of goods at the time of packing will help in receiving sufficient compensation in case a claim arises.


After noting down the pluses and minuses of different moving companies, ask all of them for a free moving quote. Make a comprehensive inventory of your items before asking for an estimate. It is all right if the list is slightly longer than it is likely to be because after all, it is only a quote. Later on, you can ask for a quote for a lesser amount of goods as well, and comparing the two quotes will also work as a good comparison measure in assessing different cross country moving companies in Evansville.