Elizabeth City is a city in Pasquotank County, North Carolina, United States. Elizabeth City, marketed as the “Harbor of Hospitality,” has a long history of shipping due to its location at a narrowed bend of the Pasquotank River. Elizabeth Community, founded in 1794, began as a merchant city along the Dismal Swamp Canal before evolving into a diverse industrial and commercial center. While Elizabeth City preserves its huge waterfront land, it is connected to adjacent counties and cities by highways and bridges, and it is home to one of the nation’s largest United States Coast Guard posts.

Elizabeth City is the hub of the Elizabeth City Micropolitan Statistical Area, which has a population of 64,094 as of 2010 and is part of the larger Virginia Beach-Norfolk, VA-NC Combined Statistical Area. The city is the region’s commercial core, as well as the location of numerous historic sites and cultural traditions.

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