Packaging is the initial stage of every moving process it all started from the team of packers. Packers are a separate team working within the moving company that is known for only initiating the packaging process. After finalizing the contract with the client movers make an immediate call to packers for packing the articles. Packers use different materials for packing different kinds of articles. For packing fragile items, they use some soft materials like bubble wrap and other foam-based materials. For sensitive items, packers apply triple-layer protection which is sometimes extended to the tetra layer also. In triple-layer protection the base layer is of paper wrap, the second layer is of bubble wrap and the third layer is of the carton material. Paper wrap use for protecting article from dust particles so that it looks clean during the shipment. Bubble wrap is material containing small bubbles filled with air that act as a shockproof layer for the article. Bubble wrap is capable of handling huge pressure even with a strong impact. Carton is made of different materials sometimes it is of cardboard material and sometimes it is of wooden or of strong plastic material. Depending upon the project requirement packers apply things. Carton helps in binding up the article in a box, the boxy shape helps movers to identify the particular box, although there is a lot of space on the carton box for doing the labeling. Labeling of the cargo is important, it provides identification marks to the cargo. As labels, movers attach tracking id, the configuration of the box, its weight, and other detailing. If the article is fragile and needs some special care while handling, for such kind of material, movers attach an additional label of the handle with a caring sign. Different sign labels help mover to differentiate between different containers. Tracking id and various barcode over the carton help movers and the client to track their consignment. For this purpose, technology like the internet is playing the most essential role. Online tracking help in resolving multiple issues associated with stolen or misplaced articles. Cross Country Movers East Peoria, IL is popular for providing quality services. A quality moving company always pays huge attention to project detailing and this is the reason people prefer them hiring. You must consider approaching those kinds of movers who are good at packaging the articles.