With more and more people choosing the DIY alternative and going alone to save a little bit of money moving companies are champing on the bit to get your custom on board. But how do you differentiate between them and find the one which will do the best job at the right cost?


A good place to start is by building up a list of companies in your local region before researching into their services and how they like to work. You can go for the old fashioned way of searching through the yellow pages, or asking around for recommendations from friends or acquaintances that have recently moved residences but this is getting a little bit outdated now, and in the modern world we live in, where Google rules the internet waves, a simple search of ‘moving companies’ should do the trick. The search results should bring up a host of companies who work in your region, and quite often there is a function to leave a review, so you can see what other people have said about the company – a great way to make a decision whether they are one to put on the short list or to avoid.


There are other ways you might like to choose your moving companies, rather than through recommendations or reviews. You can look to see if they are qualified to any particular bodies, what kind of services they can offer you or whether they have any case studies on their website giving details of recent moves they have undertaken.


Once you have a short list of two or three companies, now is the time to approach each company in turn to ask for an estimate. Ensure the moving company you are looking at really provides the services you are in search of as there are a wide range of different alternatives available to somebody wanting to move house. For instance, you might want a fully inclusive service which includes packing and unpacking, a long distance move or storage included in the package. The cross country movers Diamond Bar, CA  are the experts, and can offer you with a great deal of advice as you get ever closer to moving day, don’t overlook to take note and use their skill.


By approaching a two or three companies you will be given an impression of prices, which gives you more sensible alternatives and you may like the service of one but not the other – Ensure you use the prices you gain from other moving companies as leverage for the one that you finally choose.