A family typically gathers more items than they are sentient of and these get tucked away in different parts of the house so the first thing to do before you call cross country movers Davies, CA companies is to sort out every item. Some things aren’t used but have emotional value so you have to put things in three categories: items you want to keep, things you want to dispose of and then the items on which you’re in doubt. Get rid of as much clutter as you can so you can have a little more sense of airy freedom in the new digs.


If there’s sufficient room in the current house to place boxes of possessions into a staging region then it’s easier to set up boxes and label them. The support of all the family members is helpful if they can help in gathering the whole thing. The list will usually include things with value that you don’t want to take so you can have a yard sale and make money to help pay for moving services or meals.


About a month before the actual moving day the usual checklist of family information and official procedure should be underway. These are things like mailing address change, bank notification of change of address, clear up all property-owner business such as last month rent refund and any interest accrued on it, and move medical and dental records to new doctors if applicable.

Remember to re-confirm a week beforehand for there often booking mix-ups in the scheduling of moving trucks, typically caused by customer delays holding up the proceedings due to disorganization. Pack as much as probable well ahead of time and the move should be a smooth operation. The packing should be done with the unpacking stage in mind, so label the boxes with the order in which they should be opened, a note if the contents are easily broken, and mark the ones that aren’t a main concern. Items of kitchenware and towels are needed immediately and get marked as such.


Moving is a demanding experience in any case, so don’t leave any secret strongboxes full of money and diamonds behind. Don’t overlook to pick up your dry cleaning before you leave town. Count the kids, hand in your old keys, and ensure all your creditors can send their bills to your new residence.