Burleson is a city in Tarrant and Johnson counties in the U.S. It is a suburb of Fort Worth. In 2019 it had a population of 45,862. The climate of the Burleson area is characterized generally by mild to cool winters and hot, humid summers. July and August are usually the hottest months, with lows around 72 °F (22 °C) and highs averaging around 95 °F (35 °C). December and January are the coldest months, with lows around 34 °F (1 °C) and highs averaging 56 °F (13 °C). The average annual rainfall is 37 inches (940 mm) per year.

Burleson has a very business-friendly climate and has strong economic growth. It is considered as a family-oriented community particularly for young people, with a wonderful school system that brings in higher SAT and ACT scores than the state average. The branch campuses of Texas Wesleyan University and Hill College are also present there.

In addition to its close proximity to the Metroplex, Burleson is attracting people because of its affordable lands and low taxes. This small town of Fort Worth is affordable for living as well as offer a  and offers a relatively steady real estate market. Burleson is a very active city. It is full of people who are always available for helping each other. People are very much connected to each other in this area and they live happily there and a lot of people love to move to this area.

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