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Moving from one home to another can be a huge task for homeowners who require weeks or even months of planning and packing. Long distance relocations can be quite challenging for few people, after all and can become quite complicated and stressful without enough time, planning and assistance.

Some moving and packing companies have been moving families to destinations across the USA for decades. Cross Country Movers Albany is quite familiar with many challenges homeowners face when planning to move far away. To help you prepare for your long-distance move, you have put together this list of some of the obstacles you’re likely to face along the way to your new home, and how to solve them for the smoothest relocation possible.

Challenge #1- To Fly or Not to Fly
Unless you’re moving across oceans, flying or driving or a combination of the two will be something you have to consider. A cross-country move with children may not be something you would wish to pursue, though it could be a lot of fun as long as you have planned the trip to coordinate with your moving schedule.

If you decided to fly, however, the trip to your new home will be much faster, smoother and hassle-free. While this will also mean extra costs in flight tickets, vehicle transport, long distance mover’s company fees, the benefits will probably outweigh the cost.

Challenge #2- Utility Companies, Internet Providers and the Post Office
Failure to plan your visit at a new utility company, internet provider or the post office can mean several days or even weeks without services. You must plan for a smooth and easy arrival to your new place by setting appointments beforehand to ensure that your water, electricity, gas, internet, and phone are all up and running before you get there or shortly after the date.

Challenge #3- Coordinating your Move
There’s nothing worse than waiting around for late team members to arrive, days behind schedule. Or worse, being delayed at the airport, knowing that the long distance movers truck is waiting for you at your new living space.

If you hire unqualified or unlicensed movers to help you with your long-distance move, make sure to ask them how they will coordinate to arrive at the same time as you. Many moving companies in your area can overestimate the amount of time it takes to move everything on-time and on-schedule, and homeowners don’t want to be left waiting for your belongings packages to arrive for days after you arrive.


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